Family Medicine is a medical specialty that requires training of doctors after obtaining their academic degree. In Venezuela like other parts of the world offer postgraduate studies for the training of these specialists.


For decades, the Family Medicine Foundation in Venezuela has promoted and supported the development of these fourth-level studies through the different houses of studies at the national level, with alliances that have allowed us to maintain a formal academic presence, generating contributions through research.


In order to continue promoting family medicine and its interdisciplinarity with other lines of research, new training modalities have been launched, combining options such as “in-service training”, modern technological and computer tools, seeking to strengthen the training of these specialists in Primary Care.

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Community Leaders

Family Medicine is a cross-sectional medical specialty that seeks care comprehensive health care for the entire population. Its action goes from the patient individual, through the family, to the community, as a stage in the which is also possible to promote people’s health.


In Family Medicine Foundation, training activities are carried out aimed at the leaders of community and citizen organizations, pursuing at all times that they act as collaborators for the activities of the organization, thus achieving the highest level of participation in the environment of our centers of Health.

Leaders of community organizations receive training on topics such as such as:

  • Personal Organization.
  • Health Maintenance.
  • Prevention.
  • Community Health Interventions.
  • Among others.

Medical Training

In the medical field, medical training and education never ends. Especially in family medicine and Primary Health Care where being constantly updated is essential for such changing times


Medical knowledge grows exponentially every year. In Family Medicine Foundation we promote continuing medical education activities such as:

  • Courses.
  • Webinar.
  • Conversations.
  • Talks.
  • Diplomas.
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Nurse Training

The nursing service has always been a fundamental support for the medicine practice. In Family Medicine, this profession is of special importance, because the Family Medicine nursing services can provide a personalized and continuous attention.


 In Family Medicine services, generally the same staff from nursing always attends to the same families who come in search of medical attention, for which special training is needed to allow them not a single exercise the skills and knowledge that in any service of Medical care is provided to patients, but must also be prepared to:

  • Promote health.
  • Educate families, to carry out medical care indicated by the treating doctors.
  • Carry controls.
  • Be a professional link between families, users and doctors.

The Family Medicine Foundation offers the nursing team that works in our ranks:

  • Training courses for nursing professionals.
  • Certified Nursing Training in Family Medicine.

Simulation Workshop

In the 21st century, computer technology advances allow the training for the doctors and the rest of the team members health can be done through simulated reality, in which mannequins, computer programs, as well as various devices that simulate the reality that doctors constantly have to face.


Simulation learning is an international trend. It allows repeating healthcare scenes over and over again, so that the health can acquire the skills to face these situations of an effective way.


The foundation currently has within its educational programs the conducting workshops with simulators, in which the internationally recognized programs for the care of

talleres de simulacion en la fundacion medicina familiar
  • Polytraumatized
  • Emergency care in obstetrics
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Among the projects is the start-up of the Simulated Medical Center  in which all these technologies will be available in one place and training may be provided through these simulated procedures to those interested in the various health establishments both in Venezuela and as in other countries.