Dr. Pedro Iturbe

He planted in Venezuela the seed of this new medical specialty, known as Family Medicine. He organized seminars on family medicine to which he invited politicians and academic personalities from the region. At the same time, the Pan American Federation of Medical Faculties and Schools of Caracas,  sended a group of health sector leaders to visit the United States and Canada to learn about family medicine as a model of care primary health and as a strategy to improve service delivery. Dr. Iturbe was the main responsible for the dizzying boom in family medicine in Venezuela, a country that became a pioneer of this specialization in Latin America.

doctor felix jose gruber fundador

Dr. Félix José Gruber

Born in Venezuela/ Bolívar state, specialist and professor of Family Medicine, who served as a postgraduate professor of this specialty at the University of Texas in the United States, who served as director of the first outpatient center for Family Medicine in the country, located in the General Hospital of the South, of Maracaibo of the Zulia State, conquering a new dream.

Our History

In 1980, the first Family Medicine Unit was created in the Sur General Hospital, in the city of Maracaibo, by the hand of our founder Dr. Pedro Iturbe with the assistance of an illustrious Venezuelan doctor trained in Canada – USA, Dr. Félix José Gruber Sucre.


The Venezuelan Family Medicine was founded in  November 3rd, 1981 as a non profit organization, changing its name on May 21, 1993, by FUNDACIÓN VENEZOLANA PARA LA MEDICINA FAMILIAR DR. PEDRO ITURBE, created in order to develop and expand Family Medicine nationwide as a medical discipline and Primary Health Care as a strategy to improve the quality of life of the population.


In 1983, he managed to print in the editorial department of (Ediluz) the MF magazine, organ of the International Center for Family Medicine, which was distributed from Maracaibo to all countries. In 1986, an agreement was created with the State Government Zulia, to expand Family Medicine to outpatients in the area of influences the southern general hospital. Between 1987 and 1992, he created the basic course of Family Medicine for general practitioners.

hospital general del sur maracaibo
Southern General Hospital Dr. Pedro Iturbe - Maracaibo
centro fundacion medicina familiar
Family Medicine Foundation - Sierra Maestra

In August 1993, with the support of the Regional Government, the Family Medicine Healthcare Teaching Unit “LUIS SERGIO PEREZ ”from Sierra Maestra, in this Unit the healthcare model based on Family Medicine, together with a new administrative model for health institutions. In 1995, granted educational credits to resident doctors, in order for them to carry out the Postgraduate Degree in Family Medicine, in different universities in the country. Conceived as a teaching center for the training of future Family Physicians.Obtained the “EUREKA Grand Prize” for Social Innovation: awarded in the Event “V Salón Eureka 97”, held in Valencia promoted by EUREKA Association. With which the Assistance Model is highlighted based on Family Medicine.

In 1998, he exercises the role as a member of the “COUNCIL CONSULTANT OF THE FOUNDATION FOR THE MODERNIZATION OF ESTADO ZULIA ”, Attached to the executive of the Edo. Zulia. In 2001, the “Funvemefa Center Angel Falls, located in Maracaibo, started to provided services  PDVSA. Currently to small companies and to the community in general.Currently to small companies and to the community in general. The “Institute of Family Medicine and Primary Care”, whose fundamental mission is training in Academic areas, teachers and Research of Family Doctors, General Doctors and of all those in charge of the Attention Primary in Health.

Between 2002 and 2006, an agreement was signed with THE COMPANY SHELL DE VENEZUELA, for advice on the development of the Project “Primary Care Services for the population of Barranquitas in the Municipality of Perijá in the State of Zulia. In May 2005, the official Certification of the Venezuelan doctors who passed the Exam for Recertification in Family Medicine. This exam was prepared, performed and administered by the Mexican Council of Certification in Family Medicine, A.C. and endorsed by the National Normative Committee of Councils of Medical Specialties (CONACEM). In 2005, The Venezuelan Foundation for Family Medicine received from the Venezuela Competitive Organization the AWARD TO THE EXCELLENCE.

In October 2006, the II Certification of the Venezuelan doctors who passed the Exam for Recertification in Family Medicine. In 2009 the Venezuelan Foundation for Family Medicine held community scientific conferences aimed at the community and doctors. Currently we attend the SIERRA MAESTRA AMBULATORY CLINIC CENTER, where a new Administrative Assistance model was implemented, a mode of management that public health services, based on productivity .

centro de fundacion medicina familiar en sierra maestra
Family Medicine Foundation - Sierra Maestra


A highly effective multidisciplinary platform is incorporated, with strategic sense,

the new forms and modalities of attention to patients, offering various Medical and Complementary services, which we describe below:

Especialidades Médicas de alta resolución

  • Medicina Familiar
  • Cardiología
  • Ginecología
  • Traumatología      
  • Obstetricia 
  • Urología
  • Cirugía General    
  • Psicología   
  • Psicopedagogía​

Servicios complementarios

  • Laboratorio
  • R.X Digitalizados
  • Mamografía
  • Odontología

High Resolution Medical Specialties

  • Family Medicine 
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology
  • Traumatology      
  • Obstetrics 
  • Urology
  • General Surgery  
  • Psychology
  • Psychopedagogy

Complementary Services

  • Laboratory
  • Digitalized R.X
  • Mammography
  • Dentistry
Community Social Programs

We focus our action on work with organized communities alongside local leaders,through the design and execution of programs and activities aimed at promote health and disease prevention, searching better quality life.

Training Center

We promote Educational improvment to our health team and professionals from different health centers in the Primary Care area.