Family Medicine

Family Medicine Foundation offers various health care services ranging from medical consultations, through laboratory services, X-rays, ultrasound, cardiology studies, dentistry, physical therapy, mental health, delivery care, occupational medicine, emergency medicine and others.


The family medicine service acts as a gateway and a great coordinator of all these care services, in order to achieve comprehensiveness in the care, continuity in family care, and also lower costs and increase the efficiency of medical care for patients. All these services are provided through the Family Medical Centers, which carry out a constant work of medical care 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

servicio de medicina familiar
promocion y educacion para la salud

Health Education

At the Family Medicine Foundation, health promotion is a basic and essential issue, because we make people and therefore the community protagonists and responsible by having greater control of their own health. It encompasses a wide range of social and environmental interventions designed to benefit and protect individual health and quality of life by preventing and solving the root causes of health problems, and not by focusing solely on treatment and cure.


People who visit our medical centers have waiting rooms where they receive training in knowledge, skills and information that allow them to choose healthy options, for example with regard to their diet and the health services they need. Communities play an important role in promoting good health. Leadership and commitment in this area are essential for healthy planning and for implementing preventive measures in their areas and in primary care centers. We are convinced that by raising awareness and providing the necessary information we can maintain a lifestyle with less propensity for high-risk diseases.